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The Maritime transport, in the global scope, is the most used mode for international trade. It´s the mode of transportation of merchandise by excellence that allows to transfer large weights and volumes of cargo.

It´s the one that supports the most movement of merchandise, both in containers, as dry or liquid bulk.


The essential characteristics of maritime traffic are the following:

International Character: Since it is practically the only mode to transport large volumes of cargo between points geographically distant.

Capacity: the tonnages of the vessels arrived many years ago to overcome the half million tons of deadweight in the big oil tankers.

Flexibility: implies the possibility of using small-sized vessels.

Versatility: for the different types of vessels adapted to all types of cargo, for example:

GENERAL LOADING VESSELS: for non-unitary or unconsolidated cargo (without pallet and without container) and for unitary cargo (with pallet and container).

CONTAINER SHIPS: to transport the TEU (Unit of Measure equivalent to a container of 20 TM) between the big worldwide ports.

RO-RO SHIPS: for rolling load (cars, trucks, tractors, etc.)

BULK SHIPS OR "BULK CARRIERS": for solid bulk load (minerals and preferably cereals).

TANK SHIPS: for liquid bulk load (crude oil, refined or chemical products, liquefied gases, etc.)


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