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It is the mode of transport used in long journeys (intercontinental), to transport valuable goods and in case of urgent or special shipments.

The plane is the fastest mode of transport, but also with the highest cost, so it is used to transport high-value merchandise, in urgent need or to places with difficult access. Although it is the most used for long distances, currently it is used normally for medium distances. Especially for crossing mountainous reliefs or inhospitable areas.

It is favorable for the shipments of high price and low volume / weight; because the transport risk is lower, which reduce the costs for insurance and allows the simultaneous ship of documentation.

The main goals of this type of transport are to encourage and facilitate the exchange and commercial flow, adjusted the compliance with the rules and legal procedures established in national legislation and international conventions and treaties.

In summary, we can mention the most important characteristics of air transport:

Speed: it is the fastest mode of transport for long distances. It is essential for urgent shipments, perishable goods or high monetary value.

Safety: Less risk of damage to the goods, is the mode of transport with lower accident rates.

High cost: it is also the most expensive per kg or m3 transported of all modes of transport.

Limited load: due to the load capacity by weight or volume of the aircraft and the measurements of the doors and accesses.

Air transport, due the high cost and capacity limitations, is appropriate for:

-Urgent shipments.

-Small size shipments

-Perishable goods.

-High value goods.

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