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In the particular case of Costa Rica, road freight services in Central American are usually provided by businessmen in the region protected by the laws of each of the countries and international treaties and International agreements.

The General Treaty of Central American Economic Integration guarantees national treatment to cargo vehicles of any country and the free participation of carriers in the cargo freight market, which have signed the treaty.

The essential characteristics of road transport are basically the following:

Penetration: allows a "door to door" service.

Flexibility: This characteristic refers to the capacity of road vehicles to transport small packages or important volumes (special transports). At the same time, all types of products can be transported: solid, liquid or gaseous.

Speed: The loading and unloading facilities, the freedom to organize schedules and the speed of the vehicles itself, make this mode of transport very appropiate for urgent shipments.

Ease of coordination with other media: It facilitates the transshipment of goods of combined transport and the handling of unitized cargo in the multimodal.


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