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The process of nationalization of goods is the fulfillment of the set of tariff and non-tariff formalities, applicable to goods coming from abroad, for their use or final consumption in the country.

In Costa Rica, the national legislation establishes that the procedures for the nationalization of commercial imports must be carried out by a customs agent, who will advise and indicate the tax classification according to the type of product, as well as the applicable tax burden and requirements. non-tariff that must be met if required (import permits, authorization procedures or inspection with the competent entities).

Among the documents that are required to carry out the process of nationalization of goods and are: original commercial invoice, original transport document in the name of the importer, permits or authorizations of storage where applicable, packing list, translation of the invoice, certificate of origin, etc.

With the obtaining of the DUA (Unique Customs Document), the process of nationalization of goods is completed and the importer will be able to dispose of them.

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